#IMMOOC #5 How Social Learning with MicroBlogging+Audience Launched my STREAM MAKERS PLN/PD


I chose to reflect about #IMMOOC Blog Prompt #5: What is one way that blogging has changed your practice or thinking?

twitter communityMy biggest take away about blogging is whether writing for a targeted inside your school organization or cross-marketing to a wider audience of local schools, true peers, or aspirant organizations clarifies thinking about impact and innovation.  I joined #immooc with the knowledge that no one in my immediate school organization had the edtech background to fully appreciate or participate in a massive open online course.  A few colleagues were willing to join to capture the recorded video-chats with #immooc moderators.  I was able to help our  Educational Technology Integration Specialist create a professional Twitter Account.  My school principal gave me several leads about who to follow from an EdTech conference she attended including Shelley Burgess and Beth Houf.  It was clear from the start that I would be creating my own Twitter Community from a wider audience that was more tech-savvy and leading the way for my colleagues to lurk and learn.  Just this week I invited our Learning Intervention Specialist to create a professional Twitter account and she agreed.  Practically speaking, I am satisfied to have launched our school PLN for #IMMOOC PD linking the school principal, the technology integration specialist, the Learning Intervention Specialist, and myself as Library Media Specialist.  Our principal introduced PLCs that are scheduled twice weekly and I have the opportunity to follow-up with my in-house newly created #immooc team.


steam logo

On a broader scale, another goal I had was to reach out to edtech educators focused on STEM, STEAM, and STREAM Resources.  #immooc Twitter chats and Live Session chats were essential to identify hashtags of interest that clarified my thinking about how to make Library Media Services more student-centered: #geniushour, #passionprojects, #sole (Self-Organized Learning Environments), #studentdriven #portfolios.  The sidebar threaded conversations were more targeted than the actual videochat presenters and offered Connected Learning opportunities.  I took close notes to follow up with #immooc participant profiles and learn more about their passions in Twitter Stories.  Interestingly, several edtech leaders that I have followed over time connected after I added #immooc to tweets.  Other management tools I was able to practice while curating my PLN/PD were ManageFlitter and HootSuite.  I was satisfied with this network of hyperlinks and can continue to refine my cross-cutting purpose, having rediscovered my passion for blending Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics Resources.

conciergeMy biggest change in thinking came with signing up for EdSurge Concierge Interviews.  One of my early blog posts entertained the idea of Library Media Center as Concierge Service.  I hardly expected to encounter a tweet that would lead me to a data-based research project that connects Educators for free with a suite of just enough EdTech resources, just in time.  I was asked to provide a list of R.E.A.L. learning problems that I wanted to address, which led me to greater reflection about student-driven, #sole self-organized learning environments.  At this time, I look forward to completing the EdSurge Concierge Playbook to prepare a student profile that reflects my local school population: K-8, low/no-budget, isolated outdated tech lab, staff with limited edtech skills, and a library media center collection that needs serious weeding and digital feeding.  My hope is that participation in this particular PLN/PD will clarify my #futurereadylibs goals in response to authentic community learning needs.

Stay tuned for my #LMC Library Media Center Complete Makeover…

math circlesIt was suggested we add a GIF to this blog post to increase engagement.  It is true that images add interest but I had a hard time finding one to reflect my thinking about STREAM innovations.  I searched Math GIF images and found this animation that I will challenge my students to draw using Code.org, Scratch, or Python Tools.  This quarter I launched a Middle School Coding Club and am grateful for the #immooc connections to other School Library Media Center After School Enrichment Programs.  As an aside, I am mindful of best practices for adding images to blog posts and Tweets.  #immooc Mission Accomplished!


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