#IMMOOCBB Twitter PD for Leaders and Lurkers @stpplmc @edtechstpp


This week’s reflection addresses Blog Prompt #2 : What elements of the “8 Things to Look For in Today’s Classrooms” exist in your professional learning?  What elements are lacking?  I accepted the Blog Buddy Challenge #immoocbb because I was already planning to ask for feedback from several colleagues who accepted my invitation to simply shadow #immooc because they are new to blogging and Twitter.  In preparation to incorporate their reflections with my own, I helped them create professional Twitter Accounts to launch an Opportunity for Innovation through Social Learning.  I provided them links to my blog to show them examples of blogging activities for professional development.  My hope was they would see how Massive Open Online Courses create opportunities for Connected Learning with like-minded Classroom Innovators anytime, anywhere.

As I completed the Chapter 10: ‘Less is More’ readings, I had a ‘AHA Moment’ as I turned my ebook page to George Couros choice of three tools that empowered his team to learn, innovate, and meet the needs of students.  His selections were the very same that I had set as my goal to establish a local professional learning community with my #immooc lurkers:

  1. Google Suite to encourage communication both locally and globally.
  2. Blogs used a digital portfolios to enhance and re-envision assessment.
  3. Twitter to support professional learning and help develop personal learning networks.

Mindful of time commitments required to fully participate in #immooc, I have shared one thing I learned each day with one other colleague.  I use techniques I have practiced over time in library settings for creating a buzz or making an elevator pitch while passing in the hallway or crossing the parking lot.  The EdTech Integration Specialist at my K-8 school accepted my offer to set up a professional Twitter Account @edtechSTPP and follow me @stppLMC.  I originally joined #immooc to curate my own newly established Twitter Account while creating PD opportunities for classroom teachers in my school.  #immooc has significantly expanded my online presence and social learning  conversations including hastags: #edchat, #GeniusHour, #JoyfulLeaders, #makerspaces, #MakeItReal, #growthmindset, #steam, #digcit, #catholicedchat, to name just a few.  My colleague @edtechSTPP reflected about PD Voice Challenges such as finding someone who is interested in what she has to share.  Perhaps joining Twitter conversations will help her to connect with other edtech professionals who share her interests.  About Critical Thinkers, she commented that one needs to adopt the mindset that feedback is valuable.  I shared with her that giving feedback to Twitter connections can result in more follows, likes, retweets as well as direct messages.  I am grateful to have connected during #immooc with other Library Media Specialists who have given me direct feedback about how concierge service can work to customize and personalize the learning experience in School Library Media Centers.

Lastly, my colleague feels challenged by too many choices to address her wide-ranging areas of interest.  My plan is to help her make sense out of Twitter Resources by curating lists of followers, creating twitter stories of threaded resource links, and tagging topics with meaningful hashtags, to revisit and reflect upon at her convenience, over time, as needed.  We have a mutual professional interest in exploring Google Suite to simplify the choice of apps for newly purchased student Chromebooks.  Summer may be the perfect time for us both to complete Google Certification Level 1 online together as a connected learning experience.  One innovative project we are just beginning to explore with our tech team is how digital portfolios can be used for professional development as well as student workspace/showcase. Hopefully, expanding our audience will increase the quality and impact of our content.  Building Community Profiles and Portfolios to showcase our own creative work and increase our online social presence is a high priority on our tech team to do list.

I am grateful to have my colleague’s participation given my own challenges with sharing social media opportunities in other school, public, academic, and special libraries.  Far more common are the 10 Signs Twitter PD is not on your radar listed below.  I am working on 10 counter-arguments for #joyfulLeaders to consider by joining a Twitter Professional Learning Network to share their resources, tips, and tricks for Connected Learning.

twitter pd


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