#IMMOOCB2 What if the Library Media Center were a hub of Genius Hour and Mind-Mapping Opportunities?


What if the Library Media Center were the hub of opportunities for the school community to have learning driven by their personal interests?  This challenge comes closest to popular Genius Hour in Education projects and requires a 20% time commitment set aside from regularly scheduled class work.  Wearing my Librarian Hat, I plan to create more thought-provoking book displays about topics selected by students, staff, and teachers, mixing-up fiction, non-fiction, picture books, and artifacts to convey their Big Ideas.  A classroom teacher today shared with me that every great lesson needs a good story and I accept her challenge to provide them.  

With a quick change to my Tech Teacher Hat, I am just launching research resources for 4th graders to choose Science Fair topics.  One teacher often reminds students to choose a topic that has great personal interest for them because they will be working on the project for a lengthy period (80%).  I plan to introduce mind-mapping apps to help them think out loud with the added benefit of feedback from their study buddies (20%).  I found this edtech article titled Best Mind Mapping Tools For Students and will choose the best of the best app to share with Science Fair students in class before they are required to choose a topic. 

conversationE. Rogers was quoted in Innovator’s Mindset Chapter 4 stating “Diffusion is essentially a social process through which people talking to people to spread an innovation.”  I use every opportunity at the Library Circulation/Reference Desk and in the Tech Lab to “create a buzz” with WOMM about individual students and teachers personal interests while recommending Library Media Center Resources.  Our latest innovation is an open LMC schedule for teachers, students, and LMC Staff to have access to resources as needed for independent projects.

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