#IMMOOCB1 How do I create conditions to support innovation with impact?

I have only used Twitter for professional purposes to grow my own PLN.  With daily diligence, I scan Twitter feeds, select  hashtags, and join followers based on shared inquiries.  As a school library media specialist, I am currently exploring the differences between STEM, STEAM, and STREAM Curricula. I hope to connect my School Principal and Integration Specialist with thought leaders and essential materials for self-directed learning.  My goal is to model social learning while following Twitter threads.

This week I retweeted a Post @TorreyTrust and discovered her Google doc explaining PLNs with constructive ways to get started as a class activity.  I am thinking about creating micro-courses in our after school PLC for each grade level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8 to help others get started with Twitter for Teachers. https://goo.gl/h7WqNx


I feel I have added value to the social learning and growth mindset of my team members who are Twitter newbies.  Bootstrapping as a self-starting process proceeding without external input is an apt description of the PLC I have launched for my colleagues to shadow and lurk as I lead the way.  Though budget is lacking for curriculum packages, I have shared open educational resources to help level-up learning by students and staff.

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