Innovator’s Mindset Post 1: Innovation Starts with Question(s)

I was hired this year to create a new position as Library Media Center Director.  This involved merging two separate but adjacent spaces: the Technology Lab run as a co-curricular and the Library run by volunteers.  My first goal has been to have the Library Media Center viewed as one space.  Another task I was given was to break down silos between separate segments of instructional design.  My second goal has been to partner with teachers to create cross-curricular activities that support student-driven inquiry.  The last task I was given was to avoid any activity that required the entire class to attend to a ‘sage on stage’ presentation.  My third goal has been to structure the environment, schedule, and resources to ensure students at all grade levels, open intellectual access as needed with my assistance as ‘guide on the side’.

The first resource I acquired was the book: The Innovator’s Mindset.  It has been my GOTO Playbook as I changed everything about the way the Technology Lab and Volunteer Library were managed in recent years.  I soon discovered there was no budget to plan my PLN work or work my PLN plan.


I have been most struck by the Innovator’s Mindset guiding principal as well as principles to make a difference, to have every activity that engages students make a difference in the way they think about and re-purpose the resources they encounter in the School Library Media Center.  Our parish school community is deeply committed to student service and stewardship, so my last goal is to have students reflect about how they can make things better in their community at large.  Part of our newly drafted LMC Mission Statement states: By improving cross-curricular, values-based, media collections, we believe students contribute responsibly and productively to their learning community and to society as concerned citizens of heaven and earth.

Collaborating with grade level teachers and administrators is a work in progress:


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